Friday, June 10, 2011

About the song and the singer

Seetha Doraiswamy

The oldest contributor in the CD is our Paatti, Jaltarang artiste Kalaimamani Seetha Doraiswamy who has performed Jaltarang concerts extensively in India and abroad. When she found all of us bundling into a car to go to the studio, she adamantly said, “nanum varuven, nanum paduven” (I will also come and I will also sing).

Sukumara sundara is a song Seetha Paati learnt at the age of ten from a gramophone plate titled Kuchelopakyanam released by AVM in 1936. She taught around 16 songs from the Kuchelopakyanam album to Jaya, her granddaughter to help her kill time creatively during an illness.


She is one of those spontaneous singers known for her unbridled singing in unexpected spaces, like a roadside temple, to patients in hospitals and to the Devi at Kanchipuram during the all night Pournami Puja. A retired employee of CLRI and a B high AIR artiste, Visalakshi (70) began composing songs post retirement. Visalakshi has two albums featuring her own compositions titled Chintayamyaham and Saranam.

She says “I don’t plan to compose. Songs just happen….” Hare Krsna is a song that came to her one night just before she fell asleep.


Daughter of violinist R.S.Gopalakrishnan and mother of G.Madhavan, Ranganayaki is an ardent rasika of Carnatic music and is conversant with many chants and slokas. She has brought many a lullaby into circulation in the family. Mannupugazh is one such.

S. Rangamani and G.Sethuraman (a.k.a Rangamani Manni and

Raman Mama), the singing couple are the oldest children of Violinist, Late Sri. V.K.Venkatramanujam of Benares and Late Sri. R.S.Gopalakrishnan respectively. Manni has been a music teacher all her life and Mama gets his inspiration to compose songs from his favourite deities and favourite ragas. Both Muruganai and Anjana Putra featured here are his own compositions.


Disciple of Sri.D.K.Jayaraman and Sri.P.S.Narayanaswamy, Madhavan is an A grade AIR artiste and a regular performer in Chennai’s music sabhas. He is a self learnt music restorer and an ardent collector of music. Madhavan is best loved for his full throated and emotive singing. He hopes to release season II of Krsna Naama Rasana….

Jaya Madhavan

Poet and novelist, Jaya loves Bhajans, Oothukkadu Venkata Kavi and Shyama Sastri’s kritis. She prefers to sing in temples and/or for herself (and she should have remained there.) Her latest musical achievements include getting her Tambura Tambujam Krishna repaired and taking Krsna Naama Rasana participants to lunch at Mansukhs and Saravana Bhavan on Venkatanaryana road.


Flute, Mridangam, Sitar……Kannan has learnt various streams of music and spread his love for the note and rhythm across instruments. He is the surprise participant in the CD and the singer of the super-hit song Nanda Balam.

Karthik Ganesh

This Bollywood cinematographer excavated both his voice and a song from his childhood days to sing for this album. A Jaltarang player and a fantastic whistler, KG has an extremely keen ear for background scores. His knowledge and critique of Illayaraja’s film music borders on the scholarly.

Vasu Dixit

Founder and vocalist of leading Indi-Pop band Swarathma, Vasu Dixit’s speak of his sensitive engagement with life, while his stage act speaks of the natural showman he is. Trained in Carnatic Classical music, Vasu has a unique way of experimenting with tunes in Hindi, Kannada, English and Punjabi. His Bawra and Rang Mahal are super hits with the youngsters in family.

Bindhu Malini

Disciple of Ustad Rashid Khan and Rama Ravi, Bindhu loves to explore herself through music, painting and poetry. A graphic designer and a Hindustani vocalist, Bindu is in the process of putting together her first album “ “ with guitarist Vedanth Bharadwaj.

B. Ananthakrishnan

Son and Dr.V.Balaji and grandson of V.K.Venkataramanujam, Anand is a full time musician and is a popular performer in the Chennai music concert scene. He is a regular accompanist for Harikatha exponent Smt. Visaka Hari. Witty, resourceful and competent, Anand added great energy and enthusiasm to the album with his musical presence.

Sukanya, Shruthi and Smirthi

Optometrist, medical doctor and aspiring Chartered Accountant, this mother and daughter(s) trio who sing in a single voice have given vocal accompaniment to many dance recitals and continue to be enthusiastic students of music. To them this album is an expression of the family’s love for Krsna and music itself.


A student of psychology and Bharatnatyam, Ganavya’s immense talent is matched only by her resourcefulness. An ardent rasika and singer of Abhangs, Ganavya has given many a recital playing on the harmonium herself.

Vishnu Ramprasad

15 year old guitarist Vishnu belongs to a family of musicians and is the founder and guitarist of the progressive Carnatic Jazz band the Karmic Blues. Moksh is a song composed by him for Krsna Naama rasana, inspired by his guitar guru Neil Mukherjee's Shoodoorey. Moksh features prominent Carnatic vocalist T.V. Ramprasadh on the vocals, and versatile Pramodh Raghavan on the Djembe.

Vedanth Bharadwaj

A composer, singer and guitarist, Vedanth is best loved for his talent in blending songs of the Bhakthi movement with the latest instruments and contemporary sounds. Vedanth’s album 'Mati Kahe' is one such musical venture. He is a friend who fast became family to Jaya and Madhavan. A self learnt sound engineer, Vedanth’s contribution to the making of Krsna Naama Rasana is inimitable.


Student of Psychology and English literature, Abishek is a percussionist interning at The Hindu as a photojournalist. He is a student at the A.R.Rehman school of music at Chennai and travels from Bangalore to here every week just to take percussion classes. He has played on water can and a plastic stool for the song Shivano.

Arjun Varadan

A budding mridangist, Arjun is the disciple of Sri.Arjun Ganesh and is working towards becoming a mechanical engineer.

Arya, Prasanna, Thulasi, Anjana and Arjun- cousins of Jaya and Madhavan are all young students of music who sweetened the album with their tender voices and budding talent. It is these children who truly enjoyed the fun, family and festivity embedded in the making of the album to the hilt (while the adults were busy with the logistics of poonal and CD production).


  1. WOW.... That's awesome Gayatri (Jaya M). Krishna is really blessed and I can only imagine the fun you all had on that day..
    Hope to see the video soon.

    Thanks to Bindu for sharing the link on your Gmail status and luckily I came online and noticed..
    Great job by one and all..
    Vidya Doraiswamy

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  3. Ah ah.. Now I see Ganavya sharing the same link. I shall take a print out for mama today..
    Can't wait for the audio and video CD..