Friday, June 10, 2011

Family Music Tree

Krsna Naama Rasana has performers who are the children and grandchildren of Violinists R.S.Gopalakrishnan, V.K.Venkataramanujam, Dr.V.Balaji, Kalaimamani Seetha Doraiswamy and N.Visalakshi. Simply put, the family gets its music from these fountainheads.

It is aunts, uncles, siblings and cousins of Madhavan and Jaya who have joyfully contributed to the album. While some immediately scrambled out of their musical inertia and readied their songs, some felt they were not "professional" enough to appear in an album and there were yet others who sceptically observed that the album was better off showcasing only the professional musicians from the family. To all of these responses we had only this to say- "If indeed only cuckoos and nightingales must sing, then the woods would have no voice at all".

It is this spirit of inclusiveness and collectivism that Krsna Naama Rasana wishes to commemorate. The album has plural voices and plural forms (original compositions, kirtanas, devarnama, namavali, abhang, bhajan, bandish, folk songs, instrumental solos, Hindi-pop and even lullabies). But put together it is the single voice of a closely knit musical family.

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