Friday, June 10, 2011

Krsna Naama Rasana. A musical offering from the family of Jaya and Madhavan

It all began with Krsna’s poonal function (the sacred thread ceremony). What initially was meant to be a quiet Sunday morning family affair to celebrate Krsna’s initiation into Gayatri mantra instead suddenly clicked in our (Krsna’s parents) heads as an opportunity and a context to celebrate the close knit family’s warmth, laughter and inclusive love for each other. And since both sides of the family enjoy abundant musical talent (vide Family Music tree), what better way to memorialize the occasion and transform the event into a communion than through music? Thus the idea for Krsna Naama Rasana, a musical compilation based on Lord Krsna was born; where a garland of songs would be strung for the family's favourite deity Krsna with musical contributions from the family and those special friends who are family to us. At a basic level, almost everyone in the family can hold a pitch, follow a beat and effect a song. But starting with the bathroom singers as we moved up the family (music) tree, we found discerning rasikas, singers, instrumentalists, percussionists, music collectors, music professors, musicians, lyricists, composers and even vaggeyakaras- each one engaging with music at his/her level of comfort, investment, pace and talent. From pop to devotional to Hindustani to Carnatic the family seems to have spread its love for music across genres, across instruments and across forms. While for most it was a passionate hobby, there were yet a few family members who despite other career commitments had remarkably made it to the professional rung of music with grading from AIR and regular concert performances. Since, family, fun and festivity through music is the underlying spirit of Krsna Naama Rasana, the compilation features both- the professional musicians in the family and the hobbyists. A special thanks to our friends T.V.Ramprasadh, Vishnu Ramprasad, Mridangist Arjun Ganesh and Guitarist Vedanth Bharadwaj for their valuable addition to the CD. Enjoy an eclectic collection of songs panning over many forms and genres rendered by a family which now believes that “the family that sings together stays together”.

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